Nazareth Farm

The mission of Catherine McAuley (the founder of the Sisters of Mercy) – educating the whole person spiritually, intellectually and morally – is instilled in each student, thus, creating a desire to help others in need as they develop as adolescents. Our goal is to provide our young women the opportunity to learn this through a unique retreat-like service immersion trip. The spirit of Catherine McAuley deepens our sense of reaching out. The spirit calls us to connect and challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone and truly help those in need. The four cornerstones of Nazareth Farm, West Virginia: COMMUNITY. SIMPLICITY. PRAYER. SERVICE align with our Mercy Core Values and Critical Concerns.

February Break 2019: Mrs. “Sue” Decker (yes, you get to call her Sue on this trip!) and her husband, Mr. “Pete” Decker returned for the 4th year with students: Seniors; Sarah Hentschke, Rachel Rightmyer, Juniors; Lily Conlan, Rory Herrema, and Lily Steele & Sophomore; Jalisa Egues



February Break 2018: Mrs. Decker and her husband Mr. Decker returned with a brand new group of Mercy students.  Juniors Lauren Connelly, Maria Crosby, Micaela Deutsch, Sabrina Dursunova, Emma Kate Mancini, and Meijing Shen all  journeyed together for their first time!

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 9.00.35 PMThe Nazareth Farm service trip was a great experience for me. I met a lot of incredible people, both kind and entertaining. Nazareth Farm has become a memorable trip that I will cherish forever. When planning I was very worried, worried about leaving my family and not being able to talk to them for a week. It was a challenge for both me and the others volunteering their, but I quickly got used to it and made a lot of friends. We spent most of our time on the work sites helping families with all kinds of tasks. The staff was understanding and were willing to help you with anything. Nazareth Farm was a peaceful and beautiful place, a place filled with love, determination, and friendship.

— Sabrina Dursunova



Nazareth Farm 2017:  Students, Maddie Fasano, Lex Klimek, JoJo Parker, Natalie Ruppel, Carmen Tian, Shirley Ying

Chaperones: Mrs. Decker (English Teacher) and her husband Mr. Decker



Nazareth Farm 2016: Students, Sarah Bauch, Jane Brennan, Laura Huff,  Erin Murphy,  Sunny Pechulis, and Angel Yang.

Chaperones: Mrs. Decker (English Teacher) and her husband Mr. Decker.



Nazareth Farm 2014 :  Students,  Emma Broderick, Gabrielle LoVerde, Ruth Marron, Mary Stephenson, Maureen Zhu
Chaperones: Mrs. Randazzese and Mrs. Broderick



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